Placenta Firming Hydrogel Eye Patch

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Placenta extract, a highly nutritious component, provides intensive care on the frequently stimulated areas around eyes.

ADENOSINE (Wrinkle care):  activates the synthesis of DNA and proteins inside the skin layer to restore skin cells` self-resotring ability.

PLACENTAL(Resilience):  nourishes skin, reinforces the immune system, improves resilience, and helps anti-aging.

ARBUTIN(Whitening):  brightens the skin by suppressing the active enzymes that produce melanin.

COLLAGEN(Resilience): nourishes and oxygenates skin to help remove impurities and improve resilience and anti-aging.

HYALURONIC ACID(Hydration): It not only hydrates skin but also helps skin restoration,protection, and antibacterial action. 

Ingredient: Placenta Firming Hydrogel Eye Patch Eye Mask
Number of patch in 1 box: 60 total

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